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Baseball has changed significantly over the last 20 years. There was the Moneyball revolution that is almost 20 years old. The newer advances we have seen on the field in the last couple of years, shifts, openers, pitcher usage, less bunting, catcher framing and on and on. Most of these changes are readily observable and often lead to analysis on Fangraphs or similar sites. We may not appreciate their impact on the enjoyment of the game but we understand why teams use those options.
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Features 618代理软件官网 2020 Week Two, Washington and Philadelphia
The Jays are 2-2 after four games. It's too early to make any sweeping statements but lets just note that Vladdy is not hitting, his average is .222. And while Bo is hitting .250, he has no walks and no extra base hits. Danny Jansen and Teoscar are leading the offense.
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Features View Printable Version Play Ball! It's Like Nothing You Have Seen Before

Finally, opening day is here. It's going to be a weird season. The Jays could go 40-20 and win the division, or 20-40 and be way out of it. But with 16 teams in the playoffs, the Jays just need to stay close and, if they could get into the playoffs, who knows?

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This Day in Baseball View Printable Version The 2020 Season
Like it or not, something wicked this way comes.

And this is definitely going to be something.
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Features 618ip代理官网 618ip手机免费版
The Jays are going into their final week of camp homeless.
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Features 618ip代理官网 COVID thread
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618ip手机免费版 View Printable Version Schedule for 2021 - All Draft Picks Signed and Misc
Well, the Jays and all of MLB have already released 2021's schedule (far ahead of usual) probably to try to hype things up a bit before wave 2 hits this fall. The Jays signed all 5 of their draft picks - 5 years in a row they have signed their picks in the first 5 rounds (last missed was 2015 Brady Singer who is with the Royals, signed for 2019 season out of the first round in 2018).
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Gone But Not Forgotten 618ip代理官网 RIP Richard S.S. - Richard Stewart Spackman
Dedicated Bauxite poster Richard Stewart Spackman (known as Richard S.S.) passed away at the age of 65 April 25, 2019 in Lethbridge, Alberta due to ALS. He will be missed.

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This Day in Baseball View Printable Version 618代理软件官网
The Jays have released their 60 (58) man roster for Summer Training. 30 will make the big team, 30 will be playing with each other for the season. Hmm...gotta find a better way of saying that.
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This Day in Baseball View Printable Version Getting Close
The two sides are getting closer and closer to a deal - I think we will get some baseball this year after all.
EDIT: We have a season! The league has issued an announcement stating that the owners unanimously agreed to launch the campaign after further negotiations with the players failed to result in a new deal.
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618ip代理官网 View Printable Version Draft Effectiveness
With the first ever 5 round draft done I've been wondering how effective are those later rounds that cost MLB a lot every year. Are those rounds really useful?
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618代理软件官网 618ip代理官网 2020 MLB Draft - Day 2
The 2020 MLB draft concludes tonight with rounds two through five. You can watch here or check out the draft tracker here. #BlueJays

Vanderbilt infielder/outfielder Austin Martin was taken by the Toronto Blue Jays with the fifth overall pick of the 2020 draft Wednesday.

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Draft View Printable Version 2020 MLB Draft - Day 1
Round 1 of the 2020 Major League Baseball Draft is tonight. Detroit has taken Arizona State slugger Spencer Torkelson with the first overall pick and Arkansas outfielder Heston Kjerstad goes to Baltimore with the second pick. Miami selected right-hander 618ip代理官网 from Minnesota at number three and Kansas City grabbed Texas A&M lefty Asa Lacy. Vanderbilt shortstop/outfielder Austin Martinpredicted by many to go number two overallis now a Toronto Blue Jay at pick number five.

You can watch here or check out the draft tracker here.

The Blue Jays selected right-hander Alek Manoah with the 11th pick of the 2019 MLB draft from West Virginia.
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This Day in Baseball View Printable Version MLB Status
Well, not a ton of stuff but what we do have is big.  Owners and players fighting over compensation for players should MLB get going again.  Also time for anew thread that is purely about what is going on now in baseball, even if it isn't much.
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Features 618ip代理官网 618ip手机免费版
For fun, we all think about how "if only the Jays had player xyz" so lets have some fun.

If the Jays had somehow pulled Mariano Rivera from the Yankees way back when and used him as the closer what difference would've it made?  Remember, this is the only guy to get into the HOF with a 100% vote total so it should be a big difference.
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